How the California Drought May Affect Houseboating

When the state of California is experiencing a drought, it’s not just land dwellers who suffer. Anyone who owns and lives on a houseboat can’t avoid the limitations and inconveniences that come along with this terrible situation. So what may happen?


There Will Be a Need to Move to Drier Land

Natural and manmade lakes become unusable during a drought. The less water there is, the more difficult it is to get around and stay safe. It may be necessary for people to dry dock their boats. Dry docking involves placing a vessel on a dry platform and keeping it there for a chosen amount of time. This is expensive, however, and can set some back significantly. An owner may have to make sacrifices and rearrange their respective budget to make this possible. They will need to take all valuables with them so they won’t have to worry about something being stolen in their absence.

People Who Want To Enter the Houseboat Lifestyle May Be Discouraged

Houseboats are seen as luxurious and exciting to a number of people, but droughts can quickly deter those who would like to enter the lifestyle. After all, if they have to dry dock their boat all the time, what is the point? Why should they bother buying a boat if the lake they put it in is going to cause problems and possibly put their family in danger? While a few may go through with it despite the drought, others won’t.

Houseboat Owners Should Have Plans They Can Implement

It’s important for houseboat owners to think about and plan for the future. In the event of a drought, they should have a backup home to stay in while they wait for conditions to improve. They should know exactly where they want to dry dock their portable property and weigh their options to get the best outcome.

Droughts aren’t fun, especially for residents of California. For people who own houseboats, such a problem only means extra headaches and confusion. It’s hard to predict with 100% accuracy, but the content above may occur as a result of the drought. is the nation’s largest provider of high quality vinyl boat graphics and decals. We pride ourselves in producing top of the line 3M vinyl graphics. Our 3M vinyl is nationally recognized as the best in the industry – why settle for anything less? Click here to get started or give us a call at 1-(888) 934-6578 and we’d be happy to help you!