Etched Glass Decals Archive

4 Jun 2015

6 Types of Houseboat Graphics

When it comes to decorating your houseboat, there are a lot of options at your disposal. You could add a vase of flowers or upholster a chair, but what about graphics? Graphics are a great way to express the personality of your family and make a statement to the community. What types of houseboat [...]
17 Mar 2015

Top Two Reasons Etched Glass Decals Are the Best for Houseboats

There are many ways you can personalize your houseboat, and etched glass decals are one of them. But why are they worth your time and investment? What is in it for you if choose to apply an etched glass decal to one or more of your houseboat windows? Etched Glass Decals Are Easy To Remove Some [...]
9 Oct 2013

Top 6 Ways to Customize your Houseboat with Graphics

Top 6 ways to customize your houseboat – with style! Houseboats are one of the best ways to sit back and relax. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a permanent residence our houseboats are a home away from home, a sanctuary on the water. We’re always surprised by how many people who come and [...]
14 Aug 2013

Etched Glass Decals for your Houseboat

Splish, splash it’s time to get out and make a splash! There’s nothing better than getting ready to spend a day out on the lake, river, ocean or wherever the closest body of water is to you.  I don’t know about you but when summer hits in lil ole Chico and Redding, CA the temperatures can hit [...]